Family Histories


Family Histories


The complied histories, including family trees, of some of our local families.

Many families emigrated from here to Australia, Canada and the USA in the early part of the nineteenth century and we have been pleased to help many people researching their family trees over the years.

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Affleck / Cameron Family Histories
There are two family trees included here. One starts when James
Affleck married Agnes Chapman at Crawfordjohn in 1791 and
follows the line through Agnes Affleck, the daughter of James
Affleck and Janet Murdoch. The second follows other

Bone/Mitchel Family Histories
Both these families were related to the Hastie family and it is again
thanks to Megan Hastie for her research.

Their history focuses on the story of families who moved around
for work with the aim of gaining a better life. They came…

Garmory/Clement/lMontgomery Family Histories
The information on this family starts with Robert Germerie who
married Isobel Wilson in 1758. Some of the information focuses
on Fergus Clement highlighted on the family tree who emigrated
to Australia. The fascinating story of his descendants…

Gilchrist Family History
The descendants of William Gilchrist (1789 — 1851) are noted. His
son Robert, whose marriage certificate is included went to
Breconshire in South Wales to work for John McTurk’s family
who owned a large estate there. William’s daughter…

Good Family History
The Good family were in Carsphairn as far back as 1714.

There are three separate family trees for Thomas Good (1755)
Adam Good (1813) and William Gilchrist and Margaret Good.

There is intermarriage between the Good family, the Hope,

Guffie/McGuffie Family History
This rich collection of material about this family comes mainly from Australian sources which is hardly surprising given that eight of the nine children who reached maturity went to either Australia or New Zealand.

Their father who was a carter in…

Hastie Family History
Megan Hastie has done some superb research into her ancestors
who worked at the Woodhead leadmine. Her Hastie family came
there near the beginning of the lead mining operations in 1839 and
they were joined by many of their friends and relatives,…

Hunter Family History
The papers here are extracted from the Old Parish Registers,
census records from 1841 to 1901and marriage and death
registrations. Details of the descendants of James Hunter and his
wife Isabella McCartney are included.

There was a lot of…

Jamieson Family History
Jamieson letters.

1,400 letters are stored in the family office at the farm in Western Victoria. These come mainly from members of the family in Scotland to Robert and William, the two brothers who went to Australia.

These letters have been read…

Martin Family History
This family who lived at the Mine spread themselves far and wide. Alexander Martin 1808-1871 married Christina Park 1798-1867 a woman ten years older than himself.

Out of their 11 children the first two died in infancy, the first being born when…
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