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Photographs - Leisure

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Carsphairn Drama Club
Carsphairn Dramatic Club and Friends

B/row Mr T Edgar, Jas. Belford, John McKenzie, Jackie Hough, Bob Edgar, Ann Hastings, John Hastings

2/B Jessie Pringle, Willie Dickson, Arnold Sharp, Phil McCubbin, Nicky Cowan, Billy Fergusson, Sam Cowan,…

Carsphairn Drama Club
Carsphairn Dramatic Club 1954

Back Row: Mrs HSarp, Mrs Richardson, Mr McCubbin, Mrs J Bell, Mr G Wilson, Miss Jessie Hunter, Mr A Sharp, Mr S Pole, Miss Jessie Pringle, Mr J Hough, Mrs Pole, Mr C Campbell, Mrs Edgar, Mr S Cowan

Front Row: Mr W…

Carsphairn WRI
At table

Actors at unknown location
See also Photo_409

Dress in our collection. See also photos 406, 407 and 408.
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