Carsphairn Renewable Energy Fund Ltd (CREFL)

This company has been set up to administer community benefit funds given annually to Carsphairn by the owners of Windy Standard and Wetherhill windfarms.

The money is distributed in the form of grants to:

  • Help finance projects which will benefit the community; and
  • Assist inhabitants of the parish to continue their learning through further education.

CREFL's Constitution is available here -

CREFL's Constitution

CREFL is run by a board of directors who are all local people, giving their time voluntarily. They meet 4 times throughout the year to consider applications for grants.

The meeting dates for 2018 are:

Wednesday 14th February

Wednesday 9th May

Wednesday 15th August (AGM)

Wednesday 7th November

Applications must be received a minimum of two weeks before the date of the meeting.

Nominations for new Directors are invited at the Annual Public Meeting, held in August every year.

Download an application form to become a CREFL Director here.

The Current Directors are:

Chair - David McMillan

Secretaries / Treasurer - Sandy Moffat, Rory Clark Kennedy, Harry Hall.

Directors - Yasmin Akbar, Darren Challis, Steve Cowley, David Gibbon, Andrew Metcalf, Billy McCreath, Sylvia Sinclair.

Liz Holmes is a Director representing the Community Council.

Further information can be obtained by emailing the Committee Secretary:

Download application forms and guidance

CREFL's 2018 Mailshot is available by clicking below.

CREFL's 2018 Mailshot

CREFL's Companies House entry