Carsphairn finally take ownership of a Community Woodland!

Carsphairn Community Woodland are delighted to announce that they took ownership of part of Muirdrochwood Forest on Friday 26th March on behalf of the Community of Carsphairn.

This project has been progressing since Carsphairn Community Trust responded to Forest Enterprise’s notice of sale of Muirdrochwood Forest in the summer of 2016 and it is fantastic that all the hard work over the past 4 ½ years has finally paid off and the public can now start to enjoy the benefits. Funding for the acquisition came from the Scottish Land Fund and Carsphairn Renewable Energy Fund Ltd., to whom we are grateful. Hurdles that had to be overcome along the way include the discovery of Larch disease and, of course, the pandemic over the past year.

Community ownership of the woodland will provide greater access to the countryside around us, allowing a more diverse woodland environment for wildlife to be created, for people to enjoy walking and picnicing in, and also to create a community hub for outdoor volunteering, activities and skills development.

David McMillan, Chair of Carsphairn Community Woodland, says: ‘’Carsphairn is a rural community working towards regeneration of an area with low employment opportunities and few outdoor community facilities. Taking ownership of this area of woodland within Muirdrochwood Forest will enable us to manage it sustainably for recreation and the well-being of the local residents and visitors, whilst enhancing the natural environment.

“New footpaths will enhance local recreational and learning opportunities for the community and a sustainable, local, woodfuel supply will be created. It will also help to provide some local employment and allow us to restructure the woodland to maximise the benefit for both people and wildlife, providing a much-needed outdoor space for the community.

Understandably, the celebratory event originally envisaged at the woodland to mark the acquisition, cannot take place under the current Covid-19 restrictions, but will be postponed until a later date.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us:

Current Office Bearers -

Chairman - David McMillan

Company Secretary - Sandy Moffat

Secretary - Wendy Fenton

Treasurer - Alison Bradley

Board Members - Steve Cowley, Juliet Dixon, Judy Firth.