Resilience Group

The Resilience Group was set up to help the community work together to develop robust arrangements for dealing with incidents, should they happen.

The group was instrumental in helping during the village flooding of 2015/16 and has sourced emergency supplies for the community such as torches and blankets.

Work is now underway to create a store of items such as flood signage and sand-bags.

Community Defibrillators

The community is lucky to have two defibrilators sourced by the Resilience Group, for the use of anyone who needs them. They are -

  1. On the byre wall, adjacent to the shop. This is a lit and heated box.
  2. In the kitchen of Lagwyne Hall.

It is important to keep your defibrillator training up to date. Regularly refreshers will make sure you are able to use the equipment easily in the event of an emergency.

The workshop is only a couple of hours long and will give you hands-on experience of using the types of defibrillators we have in the community.

Keep an eye out for the next training dates in the village or request a training session by email: