Carsphairn's 50th Anniversary Burns Supper

Each year since 1969, Lagwyne Hall's committee has organised a Burns Supper to raise funds for the up-keep of the hall.

Carsphairn Burns Supper 2019 was our 50th Anniversary and took place on Friday 18th January. It was an amazing night; you can see photos below soon.

The 2019 participants included:

  • Grierson Dunlop - The Immortal Memory
  • Andrew Hunter Blair - Toast to the Lassies
  • Helen Jenkins - Reply from the Lassies
  • Bruce McKenzie - Music

If you've not been to a Burns Supper before, this website will give you an idea of what to expect.

Burns Supper 2019

To celebrate 50 years of Burns Suppers in Carsphairn, we've gathered together details from past programmes and photographs kindly supplied by Carsphairn Heritage Group and Lagwyne Hall Committee.

We have had some fantastic speakers and musicians over the years (you can see an almost complete list on the spreadsheet below) and it's a great night out, whether you're new to Burns or an aficionado.

Do you have any photos from Carsphairn's Burns Suppers over the past 50 years? We'd love to add them to the gallery below, to help commemorate our 50th year.

You can email digital photos to the website or give printed photos to a member of the committee. We'll scan them and give you the originals back asap.

Slide shows of past Burns Suppers